Every year, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) organises a two-day forum on a specific issue. This year’s edition will be held from the 6th to the 7th of June and has one aim: bridging divides.

Whats is the OECD Forum?

The Forum is comprised of two days of conferences, speakers and networking. Because of the populist surge this past year and the always present issue that is inequality, the OECD decided to focus on inclusiveness and comprehensiveness. When one understands “the Other” one is less likely to try and attack him.

Following the OECD’s work on the topic, the process of digitalisation that our societies are undergoing and the consequences of said process on them will also be discussed during the Forum.

The OECD Forum is a yearly experience and is part of OECD Week as the Minesterial Council Meeting is held. During the MCM, the OECD will set out the priorities for the Organisation by bringing together government ministers and international experts.

Why Should You Go?

It is an opportunity to reflect on what great minds have to say. The Forum will bring together key figures from the worlds of academia, business and civil society.

A short non exhaustive list include, Nicklas Lundblad (Vice President, Public Policy and Government Relations, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa for Google) speaking at The Digital World We Want panel, Jean Quatremer (Author and journalist at Libération) will be presenting his latest book Les Salauds de l’Europe: Guide Pratique à l’usage des Eurosceptiques and Salil Shetty (Secretary General for Amnesty International) participating at the discussion café on inclusive growth and civil society.

The program of this year’s OECD forum, for more information click here

Registration will be open until the 2nd of June (for more information click here). A small explanation on why you are interested in the forum is required, but don’t be discouraged!



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